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Without sales and marketing there's no business. Assured Hotels has all the experts at its fingertips to develop existing business and maximise its potential whilst opening doors to exciting new business. Sales, distribution channels, marketing & internet marketing and PR services - all covered by Assured Hotels, all an integral part of the marketing mix.

How the hotel presents itself to its customer is fundamental to its success in developing and harvesting new business. Assured Hotels' marketing experts have the knowledge and creativity to provide a full range of marketing services that will position your hotel out in front of the competition.

Central to all hotels' marketing strategy is the online activity as the biggest marketing platform, as well as increasing profit by driving direct sales. The know-how to provide SEO (search engine optimisation) and SEM (search engine marketing) in tandem with social media marketing and customer relationship management requires innovative and creative online strategies. At the same time, Assured Hotels always keeps pace with new tools and innovations as they are developed.

Assured Hotels will ensure the immediate impact and feel of your hotel website is not left to chance. Within seconds your hotel needs to create the spark that will capture the visitor's interest. Navigation, content, and visual display all drive bookings - Assured Hotels have the know-how.

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